Stephen Harper Seeks to Fill Canadian Prisons and Waste Tax-Payer Money

– Mandatory minimums fill our prisons. This costs more of tax-payers money.
– Mandatory minimums don’t deter anyone from using drugs.
– Mandatory minimums tie judges hands and fly in the face of judicial discretion.
– Mandatory minimums punish teenagers, not gang members.
– Mandatory minimums have a disproportionate effect on drug addicts, the poor, the young, blacks and other minorities.
– Mandatory minimums don’t help a drug addict with their problem, it just makes their addiction worse by compounding upon it with jail time.

It is very disappointing to hear the Liberals are going to vote for this legislation. True courage is standing up against failed policy that is detrimental to Canadians even though you know you will be painted as “soft on crime.” We need to change the debate on this, prevention, treatment and decriminalization work. It is Stephen Harper who is wasting tax-payer money and adding to Canada’s drug problem. It is Stephen Harper who is “soft on crime.”

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