Conservative MP Peter Goldring sent out a pamphlet in December to “set the record straight” about Riel’s actions in the late 1800s. In the newsletter, titled The Truth About Louis Riel, Goldring calls the former Métis leader a “villain” who has blood on his hands from leading the Northwest and Red River rebellions. Goldring said Riel doesn’t deserve a statue on Parliament Hill and that such a tribute would condone his “civil disobedience.

Anita Neville (Mp Winnipeg South Centre) has asked that the Conservative Party of Canada apologize for this “smear campaign” against the founder of Manitoba.

Winnipeg Conservative MP Shelley Glover has apparently been distancing herself from her colleague from Edmonton East.

Full story from CBC News: here.


The Conservative Party of Canada doesn’t have any respect for Canadian History/Canadian traditions and Mr. Goldring’s asinine remarks are just another example of this disregard/contempt of Canada’s heritage.

Stephen Harper’s Conservatives have removed the language of human rights from our diplomacy and have greatly reduced Canada’s place in the world. The Prime Minister has no respect for the Canada’s democratic institutions (which was on full display when he appointed more Senators than any other PM in a single year and suspended parliament.)

For the Conservative Party of Canada our country’s history starts in 2006 when Stephen Harper formed a minority government. Prime Minister Harper’s Conservatives take credit for the achievements of Liberal Governments while ignoring their own party’s history of fiscal prudence, sensible foreign policy and respect for Canadian culture.

Canada needs more heroes. For some reason we have been led to believe that our history is “boring” or “quaint.” That is far from true, Canadian History is full of badass explorers, rebellion, war, harsh winters, triumph over adversity and the hope and promise of a better life.

Louis Riel, like the other men and women who helped build Canada was a flawed individual but stands like a giant in Canadian history. Peter Goldring’s defamation of Louis Riel is not only insulting to the Métis people and all Canadians, it is an ignorant and dangerous precedent where a member of government normalizes cultural-illiteracy during a time of great national unity, the Vancouver Olympics.



The Prime Minister’s Office is joining opposition politicians in condemning an Alberta Conservative MP for calling Manitoba founder and Metis leader Louis Riel a “villain” with blood on his hands who stood in the way of Confederation.

David Chartrand, vice-president of the Metis National Council and head of the Manitoba Metis Federation, said those views show a complete ignorance of history. Riel not only protected the rights of the Metis but he also defended the West against raids from the United States, Chartrand said. “I could send a Grade 6 student from Manitoba to debate with (Goldring) and they would beat him on history,” Chartrand said. “It really reflects the old stigma and old politics of the past.”

More from CTV News: here.

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  1. Goldring is simply following the example set by his leader.

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