I attended the Toronto Comic Arts Festival (TCAF) yesterday at the Toronto Reference Library. This was my first time attending the event and it met/exceeded all my expectations/childish fantasies.

The two main highlights of my TCAF experience were:

  • Getting to high-five the creators of “Amazing Superpowers.” This is one of the best webcomics on the internets and the creators of this comic, Wes and Tony, were really funny and easy to talk to. I purchased a print of this comic and got it signed.
  • I got to meet Kate Beaton!!!!!!! Ms. Beaton is the creator of “Hark, a vagrant” (which I have previously blogged on), she is from Novia Scotia, is one of my heroines and is amazing. I purchased a copy of her comic collection “Never Learn Anything From History” and she shook my hand. This was an unreal moment for me as I am a huge fan of her work (h/t to my friend Brent who is responsible for my love of webcomics) and it was fantastic to see how many other people are huge Beaton fans/nerds too (there was a massive line for her autograph that was definitely worth the wait.)

The event ends at 5 pm tonight so there is still time to check it out. Two other notable webcomics in attendance: Overcompensating and The Book of Biff.

Comics and graphic novels are two forms of texts that often get overlooked. ‘Amazing Superpowers’ and ‘Hark a vagrant’ are really intelligent and high-quality works that I highly recommend you make a part of your day. Kate Beaton’s work is especially excellent as her comics often touch on moments in Canadian history, Ms. Beaton is able to breathe new life into Canada’s past while staying true to the very acerbic and silly sensibility that forms the foundation of Canadian humour.

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