The Canadian Press reports:

A flashy government website plastered with photos of Prime Minister Stephen Harper was approved even though it violates federal rules.

According to federal documents obtained by The Canadian Press, bureaucrats advised that the Economic Action Plan website didn’t meet rules – and didn’t merit an exemption from those rules.

However, the website was given the green light anyway by then-Treasury Board president Vic Toews.

He justified it by writing that the rules – which only came into effect in 2009 – were going to be changed at some future date.

The rules set standards for government websites to ensure they are credible, technically accessible, uniform and non-partisan.

More than a year after the exemption, the rules remain in place – as does the website.

When Stephen Harper said “I make the rules” during a photo-op, he was serious. The Conservative Party of Canada’s sense of entitlement and “Do as I say, not as I do” mentality isn’t really surprising after 5 years. Stephen Harper Conservatives don’t care about election spending rules, access to information request laws, treating taxpayer dollars with respect or the will of parliament, why would rules regulating government websites be exempt from their contempt?

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  1. He made a joke after some reporter asked if he had a license for riding the ATV. This is a big difference between our team and yours.

    Our team did not jump on his “touching his parts all day” and your team has spent months trying to turn his joke into something more.

    Are the real issues like the economy and jobs not salient? After spending 2010 chasing the Taliban prisoner comfort tactic for months you don’t see how pointless it is to fabricate scandals?

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