Mark Holland on rebuilding the Liberal Party of Canada

Politics Reimagined: Mark Holland from Corey Hogan on Vimeo.

This is a tremendous speech. The part I thought was most insightful was the need to make the Liberal Party “open source” and the fact that after this election we have no choice but to become a bottom-up party.

2 responses to “Mark Holland on rebuilding the Liberal Party of Canada

  1. Great speech. My vision of the future.
    I would appreciate any comments.

  2. Dear Mr. Holland
    Enjoyed your comment on Power and Politics November 21, 2011.
    All Parties in the past have done things because they were only Political Parties.
    The Liberal Party does not have to change, only the process.
    Politics is only the advertising of the product and in advertising you convince the people you have the product to fulfull his/her needs only.
    This procedure has always been applied in Politics.
    Harper has not moved on, is using the old procedure only. He is one of the product of the 60’s – you break through the boundary of Rule of Law and Discipline, condone everything you do and say and never suffer the consequences.
    In good advertising you show the mechanism and how to apply.
    Harper constantly mentions Rule of Law and people think he is talking about Democracy, but actually he has changed Canada and we are in the regime of Harpocracy.
    I am wanting knowledgeable voters, not political voters. (politics is only advertising as mentioned)
    Mr. Bob Rae, Mr. Ted Shu and Mr. Milliken have a By/law idea as well.
    The Liberal Party does not have to re-build, Democracy has to and this Liberal Party CAN do it.
    The only change is there is more awareness of Demograhics.
    Harper does not move on.
    If you will, the only difference with Harper not going to the Scrum is, physically he was not there. In Parliament is he is not there, only physically.
    Actually I feel sorry for him, he must be very insecure as I sense people that are insecure defend themselves by assassination. He seems like an angry man thus Parliament is becoming more angry and frenzy.
    However, please help Canada return to Democracy.
    If Parliament thought of themselves as a Business, cooperaton is paramount, security is established. Provinces are not unlike Departments, etc.
    Much success,

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