Hot or Not: Liberal Biennial Convention Edition


Lanyards:  This fashion accessory is hot, hot, hot. They will literally take you places (John Ivison didn’t have the right kind of lanyard so he couldn’t get into the most exclusive Liberal break-out sessions.)

Same-sex marriage: A policy first proposed by the Young Liberals, this progressive recognition that true love is truly equal in Canada has been referenced in multiple session this convention!

Free booze: Even if you agree with Ron Hartling’s view of “lavish hospitality suites” everyone likes free alcohol!

Wilfrid Laurier: One of Canada’s greatest PMs, did you know he lost his first election? This goes to show that perseverance and a positive outcome will get you places!

Dalton McGuinty: After giving one of the best speeches of the convention. Speculation over whether or not the Premier of Ontario will run for the Federal Liberal Leadership went from a parboil to a raging inferno.


Stephen Harper: He ignored the recession of 2008 and prorogued parliament twice. This micromanager is past his prime. It’s time for Canadians to say “Hello Goodbye” to this Beatles fan.

Infighting: This has been the undoing of the Liberal Party in the past but at this convention Liberals have been putting aside petty differences to serve a larger goal. To quote YLC President Sam Lavoie “We need love!”

Peter C. Newman: With over 3000 delegates at this convention and 1/3 of them under 30 years of age, the Liberal Party has begun the renewal process with a bang. Why don’t you stick to embarrassing Brian Mulroney, Peter?

Would you be interested in writing a convention related guest post for my blog? – Joseph

One response to “Hot or Not: Liberal Biennial Convention Edition

  1. I think a focus on good ideas is much more important than trying to enter into a critique dialogue concerning policies… the propaganda arm is very strong.

    Serious politicians can’t get mired in these debates.

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