Hot Or Not: January 18th NDP Leadership Debate Edition


Beards: The hottest accessory at the Tom Mulcair after-party was a beard. If you are showing solidarity with your leadership or simply waiting in the forest for the revolution to come, you need to get yourself a beard.

Transit City: The planning policy that would have turned “Toronto the good” into “Toronto the Awesome” is still alive in all our hearts, even it it was killed before its time.

The 2011 Election: The best federal election of the last 12 months! Let’s all ignore the fact that Stephen Harper has a majority because the NDP has more seats in parliament.

Jack Layton: If you can’t think of a creative way to reference “Le Bon Jack” (even if you are answering a question about sewage infrastructure) you have no business in this debate.


Stephen Harper: Bad Prime Minister or Worst Prime Minister ever? You be the judge. Stephen Harper is responsible for all for all of Canada’s ills (including the fact that he volume on your t.v. set goes up during commercials.)

Rob Ford: After a big loss in the budget battle two days ago “Stephen Harper’s pet mayor” is soooo 2010.

Disagreement: All 8 of the NDP leadership candidates were tripping over each other to agree that what they believe is great. A Toronto doctor confirms that Brian Topp did pull a muscle patting himself and his opponents on the back.

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