Why the Barrie Young Liberals Are Walking to Fight MS

Late last year, one of the parents of a Barrie Young Liberal developed multiple sclerosis. After suffering from two seizures, doctors performed extensive testing on her brain to discover the cause. She was diagnosed with MS.

Multiple sclerosis is a frightening and degenerating disease. It impairs the ability of the brain’s nerve cells to communicate with the spinal cord. Over time, this can lead to myriad complications including loss of mobility and reduced cogitative functioning.

The daughter had already decided that she wanted to walk to help raise money for MS research and for those living with the disease. When the other members heard about the situation, they immediately pledged their support and the Barrie Young Liberals became committed to helping fight multiple sclerosis.

Part of being Liberal is to give back to society through compassion and support. To this end, the Barrie Young Liberals are working hard to raise money for MS research and to support those living with the disease.

Please consider pledging us as we walk for a future without MS. Your contribution will make a significant difference, whether it goes towards researching a cure or directly to helping those living with the disease.

To visit our MS Walk team page, click here. Then, to sponsor us, click on “pledge my team online” underneath our photo. If you donate more than $20 then you will receive a charitable donation receipt, which could result in up to a 45% refund.

Thank you,
Adam Exton

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