Name: Joseph Uranowski

Location: Toronto, Ontario.

Twitter URL: http://twitter.com/Uranowski

Topics I blog about: Religion, nuclear power, the war on drugs, high-speed rail, agriculture, Canadian politics, World Politics, US Politics, the environment, television, pop culture, social media, music and current events.

About the author: Joseph completed a BA in Political Science and English at the University of Toronto. He started this blog to contribute to the public debate and civil discourse in Canada.

Comment Policy: Any inappropriate comments will be deleted. Commenting is encouraged and Joseph will reply to any questions or comments in a prompt fashion.

4 responses to “About

  1. Reposted your article “Ross Rebagliati > Ezra Levant” on WhyProhibition.ca: http://whyprohibition.ca/blogs/jacob-hunter/ross-rebagliati-ezra-levant

  2. We’d love to have you join our political network. Can I send you an invitation?

  3. Thanks for your blogs on Canadian politics. As a longtime Liberal and one one of the newest members of the party, I thoughly enjoyed your recent blog on contributing to the rebuilding of the party. This is not a time for mourning; instead, it provides an exciting opportunity to rebuild and reconnect with those Canadians who have lost interest in politics or feel jaded by our politicians. Keep up the great work in spreading the message.

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