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Bill Nye teaches you how to tie a bowtie

Bill Nye check list:

  • Whimsy ✓
  • Bowtie ✓
  • Seemingly infinite knowledge of the universe ✓

Someone needs to check if Bill Nye has 2 hearts.

Capybara by Shonen Knife

This is pure magic.

“Try spending your days like a capybara. No greed or anything like that.” – Capybara, by Shonen Knife

President Obama Evolves on Marriage-Equality. Thankfully, Nobody Pressed “B.”

Mitt Romney reacts–if you wonder why he doesn’t try and slam President Obama for changing his position, it’s probably because he doesn’t believe in evolution and he would lose any “flip flopping” debate.

Someone needs to re-mix President Obama’s statement on marriage-equality like Will.I.Am did in 2008. Maybe Stephen Sondheim and Andrew Lloyd Webber could collaborate?

Crash Course History: Islam, the Quran, and the Five Pillars

The Conservative Attack on the CBC Continues

Today was the first session in the House of Commons of 2012. During QP 3 Conservative MPs subbmitted anti-CBC petitions. The three MPs were:

Colin Carrie (Oshawa.)

Brian Jean (Fort-McMurray – Athabasca.)

Cheryl Gallant (Renfrew – Nipissing – Pembroke.)

The CBC needs defending. As Liberals we can’t just take this nation’s support for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation as a given. We need to publicly defend the CBC and make sure Canadians know why it is an important institution. It is tempting to dismiss these petitions because they are non-binding. We should all remember how Harper chose to go after the gun-registry. He had Candice Hoeppner, a former financial planner who had no experience with law enforcement, introduce a private members bill so he could kill the registry away from the public eye. If you are a constituent of any of these three MPs, please write them a letter or call them as soon as possible.

Please visit: (H/T Impolitical.)

Dalton McGuinty speaks at the Liberal Party of Canada Biennial Convention 2012

Favourite quotes:

Polls can impede our vision of the future.

Laurier’s Definition of Liberalism: “I am a Liberal. I am one of these who think that everywhere, in human things, there are abuses to be reformed, new horizons to be opened up, and new forces to be developed.

At a time when global competition is growing and our crime rate is falling, it is smarter to invest in education than jails. At a time when global economic uncertainty is costing us jobs it’s smarted to get busy building a new foundation of growth than to lecture world leaders about their struggling economies. At a time when the reality of climate change is here, its smarter to tackle it in a way that create jobs rather than deny it. And at a time when Canadians are worried about the future of their medicare, it is smarter to bring us together to find a way forward than to tell the provinces and territories ‘you’re on your own.‘”

On what Liberals stand for:
The Liberal party has always been guided by the best of Canadian charater, and so it is only Liberals who can renew social programs for the next generation. The Liberal party has always greeted the future with a sense of optimism and so it’s only Liberals that can seizes exciting opportunities for growth. The Liberal party has always been able to see all that Canadians are and so it’s only Liberals who can truly see all that Canada can be. These are the values and beliefs that we hold dearly as Liberals… Liberals have no greater desire, no greater ambition, than to put our country first.

Should Premier McGuinty run for federal Liberal leader?

As the son of a teacher and a nurse, my childhood growing up under the Harris government was formative for a lot of my political views. From 1995 to 2003 my family felt the hammer from our provincial government. My first two years of high school were under a PC government in Ontario, there was a stark contrast with my last two years. To say that I have “drunk the Dalton McGuinty Kool-Aid” is an understatement. Though my first experience in political activism was during the 2004 election at the federal level, I have always admired Premier McGuinty.

I do think Premier McGuinty should run for the federal Liberal leadership. He has done a great job as Premier of Ontario, has a solid record on jobs, the environment, education and health care. He is also bland enough to succeed in the federal arena. I really liked what he had to say in this speech about the need for federal liberals to have a multi-election strategy and have patience with our leader. Dalton McGuinty was defined by Harris/Eves but he fought back.

The Liberal party needs a vigorous leadership race with a number of candidates with diverse political and personal backgrounds. I believe Premier McGuinty would bring a lot to that race.

Mark Holland on rebuilding the Liberal Party of Canada

Politics Reimagined: Mark Holland from Corey Hogan on Vimeo.

This is a tremendous speech. The part I thought was most insightful was the need to make the Liberal Party “open source” and the fact that after this election we have no choice but to become a bottom-up party.