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Hot or Not: Liberal Biennial Convention Edition (Part 2)


Peter Milliken: Canada’s longest-serving Speaker of the House can still silence a room with a stern look or wry turn-of-phrase , which is even more impressed when that room is filled with 3200 Liberal delegates instead of 308 MPS.

Cannabis: With 77% of the vote it looks like the policy motion put forward by the Team BC will ensure that 117 is the new 420.

HRH: By voting down a policy resolution that would replace the Canada monarch the Liberal Party of Canada said “You go girl!” to the Queen.

Stephane Dion: The author of the Clarity Act lit a fire on the convention floor when he spoke in support of a Preferential voting policy resolution. Dion proves that “smart” is the new “sexy.”


America Style Primaries: Liberals opened the doors to “supporters” voting in the next Liberal Leadership race but said “No/Non” to a staggered voting schedule. This means that “PEI” is not the New “New Hampshire.”

“Points of order”: If you want to debate a point at an inappropriate time, look like a jerk or you just like the sound of your own voice, then you probably tried a point of order. Too bad you don’t understand Roberts’ Rules of Order. Peter Milliken shut down so many fake PofOs that people started saying “Milliken’d” afterwards.

The War on Drugs: In the closing speech of the convention Bob Rae made it clear that  the Liberal Party will be the official party of “evidence based policy.” He declared loudly and proudly: “Let’s face up to it Canada: the war on drugs has been a complete bust!”