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Ceci n’est pas un député.

I have no problem with Ruth Ellen Brosseau, she is probably very nice. However, I strongly dislike almost everything she represents.

The argument that the NDP have been using to defend their accidental MP is that “she will just work hard to represent the people of Berthier – Maskinongé.” Unfortunately she doesn’t speak French, the first language of the vast majority of her constituents and she had never been to the riding before/during the campaign.

Peggy Nash’s entire campaign against Gerard Kennedy based on the argument that the fact that he missed some procedural votes in parliament, he “wasn’t really representing Parkdale-High Park (a lie he thoroughly dismantled here.) This was also the argument Layton used against Michael Ignatieff (though I admit, Mr. Ignatieff’s response to this in the debate wasn’t very good.) The NDP hypocrisy on the absentee issue isn’t surprising but it should be pointed out.

How can Ms. Brosseau really represent a riding she has never been to full of people who she can barely communicate with? And can we really expect her to put the riding’s interests first when 1000% of the reason she was elected was Jack Layton’s coattails?

Jack Layton only cares about Jack Layton, and the NDP only cares about the NDP. This should bother people.

One final note, to Liberals:

Never underestimate the NDP. We may look at newly elected NDP MPs like Brosseau and say “the NDP bench is a joke, they will certainly fall apart.” This is a stupidly arrogant and dangerous attitude to have. Having worked against Bev Oda in her riding I have seen first hand how an incompetent person can fail upwards (if you are reading this in the future she may be deputy PM, Governor General, or she may have married in to the Royal Family by now.) I may dislike Jack Layton but I certainly respect his political abilities. Liberals waited for Stephen Harper to fail on his own and we can’t afford to do this again, nor can we expect someone as disciplined as Mr. Layton not to behave as he has done in the past (his campaign earned him 102 MPs.)