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Canada and Hockey: Our fair Dominion Now Extends Around The Globe

Canada 3. USA 2.

O Canada!
Our home and native land!
True patriot love in all thy sons command.
With glowing hearts we see thee rise,
The True North strong and free!
From far and wide, O Canada,
We stand on guard for thee.
God keep our land glorious and free!

O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.
O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.

I watched the game with friends from all over this fantastic country. All of our Olympians competed valiantly and it doesn’t matter what who won/lost in the end. When all eyes were on them the Canadian Men’s Hockey Team showed how awesome Canadians can be when they work hard, are willing to make sacrifices and put up a united front. When the game ended we cheered and when the Medals were awarded we all stood up and sang ‘O Canada’ together.

Canada has an awesome hockey team and dominated this Olympics. Now we need a government that is good enough to represent this fantastic land!

The Conservative Party of Canada: Raising Money off of the backs of our athletes (Video)

The Vancouver 2010 Olympics are Canada’s coming out party. 2010 marks a new decade and these Olympics are a marvelous opportunity for Canadians to show the whole world how awesome we are. Our athletes have been performing excellently and our country is united behind them.

Stephen Harper/The Conservative Party of Canada have yet to find a situation that they can’t/wont try to sully with partisanship/conduct unbecoming of a government.

This video is an insult to Canada, Canada’s amazing athletes and all the hard-working Canadians who made the Olympics possible.

Like prorogation, Stephen Harper wants this video to go unnoticed. Since ‘sunlight is the best disinfectant’ I ask anyone reading this to watch the video and send it to as many people as possible. The video may be of low quality (a theme for the Conservatives this Olympics) but I ask you to endure watching/listening to Mike Duffy so this video can go viral and its perpetrators can be exposed.

Here is the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FJUCugE8ZZQ

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Ross Rebagliati should come out of the Cannabis Closet

The fact that Mr. Rebagliati has announced his candidacy in a riding where it has been extremely difficult to recruit candidates with a pulse (see Whitby-Oshawa) is another example of Michael Ignatieff’s success in the Liberal leadership. Taking on a cabinet minister is gutsy but Ross Rebagliati’s decision is far less Quixotic than Elizabeth May’s riding shopping has been. Stockwell Day may be the only Conservative I actually like. Minister Day is arguably the only competent member of Stephen Harper’s government. Unfortunately, like Gilles Duceppe, Mr. Day is in the wrong party.

It is a popular assumption that incumbency, especially Cabinet-member incumbency, leads to automatic victory. That is not the case as the riding may vote for a candidate out of habit and if a fresh face runs for an opposing party and the government fails as badly as Stephen Harper’s has, is and will continue to, then no one is safe. Mr. Day will also spend a portion of the next election out of the riding campaigning with Stephen Harper which gives the Liberal Olympian additional strength. I stand but my assertion that the LPC can learn a lot from David and Goliath.

Ross Rebagliati won a Gold Medal in Snowboarding in the 1998 Winter Olympics held in Nagano, Japan. Rebagliati had his medal taken away from him when trace amounts of THC were found in his system, then it was given back after his appeal and the Olympic Committee’s declaration that marijuana was not a performance-enhancing drug. He maintains to this day that the THC came from second-hand cannabis smoke. When asked about the marijuana issue, Rebagliati said that he wants to get through the nomination process before he wades into any debates. He added: “I don’t want to become the ‘one issue’ guy.”

It is perfectly alright for Ross Rebagliati to avoid the issue of Cannabis Legalization until after securing the Liberal nomination but he cannot and should not refrain for discussing marijuana in the very near future. Ross Rebagliati won in the name of this awesome country; he is a hero. He also apparently has no problem with other people smoking cannabis. As a celebrity entering politics he has the perfect platform to advocate for legalization. The Conservative Party of Canada has made it shameful in this country to argue a perfectly reasonable policy position. Ross Rebagliati can make the issue mainstream. This would give the Liberals an advantage on the issue of crime as the Liberal Party’s policies are sensible but the debate is dominated by lies and accepted truths.

Ross Rebagliati won a Goal Medal with all the world watching, he’s now entering politics and taking on a politician with a record of electoral success in the riding, what does he have to fear?

Michael Phelps Mounts Comeback in 100m Butterfly


His loss to a German swimmer days ago must have been a very humbling experience (as humbling as an experience can be for someone with so many Olympic Gold Metals.) This was a really excellent victory and was made even better as it was a comeback.

When Michael Phelps was 9 he was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD.) He is an inspiration to anyone dealing with that problem as a child or an adult.

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