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Canadian Foreign Policy: Nuance Matters

This video (from April, 2011 before the election) was brought to my attention today. Some thoughts:

We should not forget, nor should we let Canadians forget that Stephen Harper lost a seat on the United Nations Security Council, for the first time ever. With the situation in Syria and the the post-Arab Spring Middle East, Canada has far less influence without a seat at the table.

Free trade, Federalism, Fiscal Responsibility and Foreign Policy are the 4 Fs that keep me out of the NDP. In 12 minutes, Bob Rae provides a more substantive discussion on Canadian Foreign Policy than the NDP has over the last decade. I remember going on the NDP website back in 2008 and all they had under “Foreign Policy” was one sentence, something like: “We support our troops in Afghanistan, let’s bring them home.” Foreign policy and public policy in general needs as much nuance as possible. The NDP and the Conservatives operate in a mindset of manichean extremes, this is terrible for democracy and public policy.

“Canada has to be as good a friend to the creation of a state of Palestine as we have been and will continue to be to the state of Israel.” – Bob Rae