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Rocky Varcoe For Mayor

Whitby Ontario has been my home all my life. Over the last five years I split my time between Toronto and Whitby, as I was at U of T, and being between two worlds made me appreciate both more. Whitby’s population (111,184 as of 2006) is growing but we have a strong sense of community here. Whitby is a great place to live, our library is awesome, the town events are sweet, the schools are wonderful and everyone has a dog. However, the sprawl that has occurred over the last 14 years is ridiculous, the public transit system is designed with one purpose: to get you out of Whitby, many of the industrial jobs have left the town and (for young people) there isn’t enough to do.

Whitby needs new leadership in town hall. We need a mayor who can reign in the suburban growth, bring in jobs, expanded our public transit system, open up town hall to the voices of the citizens of Whitby and bring down our high taxes (industrial/property).

On October 25th, I am voting for Rocky Varcoe, I think you should too, here is why:

  • Rocky has twenty-five years of business experience. For the last ten years he has owned a theatre here in Whitby. He has the managerial experience to be the CEO/Mayor of the town.
  • Coming from the Arts Community, Rocky knows the importances of supporting local artists.
  • Rocky was President of the Whitby Chamber of Commerce and Whitby Rotary. He is established in the community here but he’s not part of the political establishment.
  • Rocky has the best website of any candidate and is active on twitter/facebook (this was what brought him to my attention as he was campaigning online months ago.)
  • His full platform (read it/download it here) has been out for a while. Rocky is sincerely campaigning on the issues, which is refreshing as Whitby is currently a town with lots of potential with political leaders that are letting us all down.
  • Rocky Varcoe is the ONLY mayoral candidate to complete the DurhamCLEAR survey and has received their endorsement. He has a lot of great environmental ideas (putting solar lighting in our parks, for example) and is also the only mayoral candidate to be talking about transit policy.
  • He is a bit of a policy wonk. Rocky would rather talk about tax policy, infrastructure, or crime than himself.

In this election, there are 3 candidates for mayor (the mayor, the ex-mayor and Rocky) but really 2 options (the career politicians or the community leader) and one clear choice: Rocky Varcoe.

On October 25th Vote Rocky Varcoe for Mayor!