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Master of the House: Should Michael Ignatieff appoint a new Liberal HOC Leader?

Ralph Goodale is an excellent parliamentarian and has done great work as Liberal House leader over the last four years. His knowledge of procedure and ability to ask tough questions while the leader is visiting his fellow Canadians is truly indispensable. However with Stephen Harper’s appointment of John Baird to the position of Conservative House Leader the opportunity for the Liberal Party of Canada to turn over a new leaf in the HOC has never been better. Michael Ignatieff’s summer tour (The “Liberal Express“) has been very effective and with Stephen Harper’s decision to cower in his office all summer the Liberal Party seems to be in high spirits. However, in the past Mr. Ignatieff hasn’t been himself while performing in question period. With the new session in the House of Commons approaching and a new CPC House Leader waiting the Liberal Party would be wise to return Mr. Goodale to the position of opposition critic and present a fresh face to Canadians by promoting one of the many fine Liberal MPs to the position of House Leader.

Here is a list of Liberal Members of Parliament that The Equivocator believes would make an excellent House Leader:

Siobhan Coady

(St. John’s South–Mount Pearl.)

Before she was elected in 2008, Mrs. Coady was was President and CEO of Newfound Genomics Inc. She is presently the Liberal Critic of the Treasury Board. Towards the end of the last parliamentary session she stood up to John Baird when he was trying to make a mockery of the committee process. Siobhan Coady is hardworking, very telegenic and with a background in public relations would be a great House Leader inside the Commons as well as a great public face for the LPC.

Martha Hall Findlay


Martha Hall Findlay is the best kind of policy wonk as she has an amazing mind but is also a superb public speaker. Also elected in 2008, Mrs. Findlay would be a fantastic choice for the technical side of the House Leader’s job. I was thoroughly impressed by Mrs. Findlay at the Can150 policy forum in Toronto. Though I am biased towards a Liberal MP with a degree in International Relations she would be a well rounded pick.

Joyce Murray

(Vancouver Quadra)

Murray has been in parliament for 6 years. She is mild mannered but has a sauciness that is most endearing. A House Leader from the West would be a shrewd choice for the Liberals but geography is only one of the many reasons why the Mp for Vancouver Quadra would be a great pick. Her experience in provincial politics would be a great asset as would her environmental focus.

Kirsty Duncan

(Etobicoke North)

Mrs. Duncan is always a solid performer during QP and, like my three other Preferati, has a solid professional background. Mrs. Duncan served on the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, an organization that won the 2007 Nobel Prize with Al Gore. At 43 years of age she would certainly be a breath of fresh air, though she certainly has the prior experience that the job would require.


Do you think the Liberal Party should pick a new house leader? Who would you choose for the Position?