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Politics is People!

Recently an article in the Ottawa Citizen entitle Ignatieff’s big problem suggested that is the Liberal Leader wants to become Prime Minister he needs a “savage response team” which the author described as “twitchy, obsessive partisans with no personal lives, no particular need for sleep and a pathological loathing of Conservatives.*”

I am 100% behind this idea. The Liberal Party needs to start hitting back against the Conservative/Prime Minister Harper Hate Machine. On a daily basis I feel like Robert Thorn yelling “Don’t you see? Prime Minister Harper is incompetent! Tell them, the Conservative government is incompetent!” which I am hauled away on a stretcher. To list a few items where the PM that 5,208,796 thrust upon the rest of us has shown himself to be a huge hypocrite: Senate reform, Infrastructure spending, Canadians held abroad, the Environment, the list goes on.
Every time the Harper government breaks a promise, sacrifices average Canadians for partisan gain or acts in the opposite of Canadian interests, Dimitri Soudas comes on television and says “Aw shucks” and no one in the media cares.

Many germs thrive and grow in the darkness. The best way to kill those germs is to simply aim the sunlight at them. The Liberals do a solid job and aiming a beam or two on their website but it is time to throw open the curtains.

* Me. The author is describing me in great detail.